Urs Peter

Urs Peter

Software engineer and trainer @ Xebia

Urs is a seasoned software engineer and trainer with over 15 years of experience in building resilient, scalable and mission critical systems mostly involving Kotlin, Scala and Java. Besides his job as consultant, he is also a passionate trainer and author of a great variety of trainings ranging from language courses for Kotlin and Scala, frameworks such as Akka and Akka Stream to architectural trainings such as Event-Driven Architectures on AWS. As a people person by nature he loves to share knowledge and inspire and get inspired by pears on meetups and conferences. Urs is the first JetBrains certified Kotlin trainer in the Netherlands.

Intermediate / Advanced Kotlin Workshop

Workshop Room

Do you have some Kotlin experience and want to take your skills to the next level? …then our hands-on workshop will get you there in no time. Our expert track will enlighten you with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use Kotlin features that can unleash tremendous power in your codebase. The following is on the menu:   […]