Soham Dasgupta

Soham Dasgupta

Oracle ACE Associate & Java Expert @ Capgemini

Soham Dasgupta is by role a Solution Architect at Capgemini. He has over 16 years of IT experience in software programming, designing and architecture. He is an tech-enthusiastic and Java, Javascript expert. He writes blogs and speaks at various global technical conferences on various topic, for example Java, Javascript, Chatbots and AI. He has also created an open-source bot testing framework. His extensive work with Oracle products earned him the title “Oracle ACE Associate” in 2017.

API-first architecture and what that means to the DevOps team

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API driven architecture is not new, but most projects follow a more traditional route, where APIs are implemented first, before moving on in the DevOps cycle, where testing and integration happens at a later stage and this can create a lengthy feedback loop to the development team. This can be improved if we treat APIs […]