Nicolai Parlog

Nicolai Parlog

Java Developer Advocate @ Oracle

Nicolai (aka nipafx) is a Java enthusiast focused on language features and core APIs with a passion for learning and sharing – in articles, newsletters, and books; in tweets, videos, and streams; in demo repos and at conferences – more on all of that on []. He’s a Java Developer Advocate at Oracle and organizer of [Accento]. That aside, he’s best known for his haircut.

Why don’t they just…?! The Deliberations Behind Evolving Java

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There are many nifty features that Java could have but doesn’t. Why, though, how hard can it be to implement them? Why don’t they just… let us add fields to records? add ?. for null-safe member selection? add extension methods? remove the need for semicolons? introduce immutable collections? make Stream handle exceptions? turn Optional into […]